Using a Phone with the Car Stereo

With the latest cars and smartphones, you can easily integrate your smartphone with the car audio system. Here are some tips on how to go about it.

Decide phone functions you want to use

You should first decide the phone functions you want to use with the car audio system. For example, you can use it for hands-free calling, streaming, and playing music, podcasts, apps, or playing online casino games at Playing online casino games are fun but be careful not to get distracted while driving.

Wires or no wires

Most cars today have both the options to use a wire or not to use it. It depends on what you are comfortable with. You can have a Bluetooth connection which is a wireless option, or you can go for the single-cable option like USB.

Audio streaming and hands-free calling

Bluetooth is the most convenient option for audio streaming. You don’t need to plug in anything. You can control your music from the car audio system the way you want to. This option is also helpful when a call comes in when you are driving. You don’t need to hold your phone while driving; thus, avoiding a breach of law or accident.

App control

In many car audio systems today, you will find apps to control the audio from your smartphone using Bluetooth. This makes handling stereo sound controls easy using the phone.

Control over your phone

The Android Auto and Apple CarPlay let receivers replicate functions like music, calling, messaging, etc. on the receiver’s display. So, the interface will look similar to that of the phone. This allows you to control the apps using your hand or voice commands. Your incoming texts can be read aloud when you are driving.

All these features will inspire you to install a new audio system in your car so that you can experience all these awesome options.