Tips for Installing New Car Speakers

The latest cars come with a very sophisticated audio system. But if you are stuck with an old model car, then you can install a new audio system for your car. Here is a guideline on how you do it.


As you are going to work with electricity, you need to maintain safety. When working, you should disconnect the batteries; otherwise, accidents can happen. You should wear gloves while working to protect your hands.

Though it will make it difficult to hold small objects, it will keep you protected. You must replace all the interior pieces carefully and make sure they are perfectly installed.

Organize tools and gear

You will need some tools and gear for the installation. They include screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, electrical tape, a small knife, a wire cutter, and other tools.


To install the audio system, first you need to disconnect the car’s battery. Then remove the grilles and panels from the audio system. For this, you will need a screwdriver and other tools. If your audio system is located under the seat or in other hidden places, then you will need some extra effort to remove the components.

Remove the speaker, making sure that the wiring connections are fine. You should also keep a count of the screws you have removed. This will be helpful when you sell your old speaker or even decide to reinstall it. Connect the new audio system to the existing wiring. Make sure that you connect the wires properly to the designated terminals.

You should reconnect the battery then and test whether the sound is alright or not. Do this before fully installing the speaker, as you might have a problem with the sound and so you will have scope to correct it.

After the sound has been tested right, you should disconnect the battery and install the speaker fully. Make sure you put back all the screws and panels properly.

After installing the speaker, you may want to add an extra amplifier or power. For that, you will need extra installation steps.